The Power of Choice

Beginning 2015 with The Power of Choice

Power Of Choice

While Many Construction business owners and trade contractors pursue every project with hopes that their bid will win on price alone, the most successful are much more selective. The underlying goal of business development is to successfully obtain the ideal number of projects, and project types that best closely align with your business goals. With this comes the power of choice. Having a strong focus on what brings you closer your business goals will enable you to choose wisely.


When pursuing new bidding opportunities keep these three considerations in mind:

1.) How Can You Differentiate Yourself?

Make yourself more than just a number. More experience in specific markets or a keen knowledge of the prospective clients pain points will set you apart from the competition. Contact your prospective client to determine their bidding requirements and increase your chances of being considered by forging a relationship and separating yourself from the pack.


2.) Does This Project Help Me Reach My Goals?

Let your goals drive your decisions. Always chasing the “most visible” projects will not bring value or growth to your business. For every new opportunity, ask yourself: “Does this bring me closer to my goals?” If it benefits your business long term then you know its one to pursue.


3.) Is This A Saturated Market?

By seeking opportunities in new markets, rather than the overly competitive and commodity markets, you have the ability to leverage your company in a new light. Niche markets provide a smaller playing field. With fewer competitors to contend with, you are far more likely to succeed in securing new business.


The power of choice on which new business you pursue enables you to reach your 2015 sales goals. Implementing a qualifying process can shine light on what projects are in the best interest of your business objectives. Great things never come from comfort zones.

Business development can be a struggle for many owners of small to medium size construction companies. At CRG, we specialize in increasing sales, market presence, and helping minimize the cost of new business acquisition. If you’re looking for a business edge over the competition, we partner with you to develop the relationships necessary to grow your business. We will seek out new clients and opportunities while you focus on your daily operations. Contact us today for more information.