Building Your Business While Building For Clients

Business development (i.e., the creation of growth opportunities from customers, markets, and relationships) is a struggle for many owners of small to medium sized businesses who don’t have the time or the resources to focus on sales. Existing clients are generally your priority, and you devote all of your time to servicing those relationships and completing the projects at hand. You may bid on new client work, but with an anonymous estimate, and no personal connection to the prospect there is nothing to help it stand out from the others.

This cycle of focusing on existing relationships to keep projects coming works for some businesses who simply want to sustain their business. But without a focus on new markets and customers relationships or new trends in the industry, a construction business will never grow to its full potential. Sustaining and maintaining may be good enough, but strategic growth is far more rewarding and profitable.

What’s a business owner to do? Can you build your business while building for your clients? The answer is absolutely yes ─ with CRG, you can.

We Build Relationships Chalk Illustration

CRG will partner with you to develop relationships necessary to grow your business. We will seek out new clients and opportunities while you focus on your daily operations. We will represent your business with building owners, developers, general contractors, facility managers and government agencies seeking dynamic, experienced and professional contractors so that when their projects are up for bid, your business has an edge over the competition.

An obvious benefit of engaging with CRG is that you continue to focus on operations and other core competencies while CRG, on your behalf, provides the rewards of a highly skilled traditional in-house sales team without the typical upfront investment.

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