The Construction Feast or Famine Cycle [Infographic]

Is Your Construction Business Stuck In a Feast-Or-Famine Sales Cycle?


Is your business stuck in a feast-or-famine sales cycle?  One where business is booming for one half of the year, then desolate the other? Businesses who don’t devote at least some of their time to business development strategy during the busier months often find themselves searching for work later in the year. The problem?  By then it’s too late.


CRG Infographic


At Construction Representative Group (CRG), we can help you exit this cycle because our business development and sales outsourcing solutions are specific to the construction industry. Augment your existing sales efforts for greater specific market share or engage CRG to build and manage your entire sales initiative. With either option, Construction Representative Group delivers increased sales revenue and market share to meet your goals. Contact us today to learn more, and end the feast-or-famine sales cycle forever.