The High Cost of Sales Employees


estimating-the-return-on-your-talent-management-investmentIf you’re a small to mid-size business owner, chances are that you have plans to grow your company. Maybe you’ve found success in a niche area, have frequent projects from regular customers and are well known in your particular area of expertise. You are now ready to explore additional markets and may have already invested in additional training or equipment to grow your business. All that’s left to do is implement a business development plan and sales strategy for tapping into these markets and securing new clients.

Sounds simple, right? Not exactly. Business development requires a tactical approach to market research and relationships. With a company to run and existing projects to complete, you may lack the time or expertise necessary to implement a full-blown sales and business development campaign to secure new business. You consider hiring a Sales Manager to focus on business development and reach these new markets. However, you defer this idea after realizing that sales employees require significant up-front cost and management with no guarantee of performance.

The average annual salary for a business development manager hovers around $72,000 nationally, and $106,000 here in New England. Expenses, bonuses, profit sharing, retirement and health insurance benefits often exceeds an additional $60,000 in total costs.

With statistics like these, it’s no surprise that construction business owners try to take on this critical aspect of the business in order to save some hefty up-front costs and to mitigate risk. But, what if there were another option…one that led to business growth without taking you away from your core competencies?

CRG will manage your construction sales and business development efforts without the high costs of traditional in-house sales employees. As an experienced, trusted sales force we offer sales results for performance-based compensation. In other words, CRG does not profit until sales results are delivered and you profit. You can continue to focus on your operations while we explore business opportunities on your behalf. Your business thrives without the high risk investment in a sales team.

Want to know more? Give us a call today and let CRG show you how we can help your business can reach its full potential.