Declining Cash, Sales Cycles

November is Coming…Where Will Your Winter Work Come From?

Fall is just around the corner and for the construction industry in the Northeast, this marks the start of a slower season. Many construction business owners find this time of year unsettling, because despite a busy and productive year thus far, you may not have focused enough on sales for the winter months. What happens when projects come to a close and there are none to take their place? Suddenly, you’re staring at your financials and wondering how much of your profits will be eaten up sustaining operations until the market picks up again in the Spring.

Declining Cash, Sales CyclesThe feeling is all too familiar. You vowed last year, and maybe even the year before, to spend more time selling in order to avoid this situation.  Despite your best intentions not to repeat it, the Feast-or-Famine Sales Cycle continues, and you are kicking yourself for not prioritizing strategic sales throughout the busy season. Maybe you are:


1.  buried in operations during high-volume business months and focused on completing existing projects;
2.  uncomfortable with the Sales process;
3.  unsure of how to build a sales strategy in order to break into new markets;
4.  unwilling to comfortably take on the financial risk of a full-time sales team and manager.


Whatever the reason(s), you are not alone. An annual sales cycle with dramatic ups and downs can be a significant detriment to growth and profitability. However, it doesn’t have to be.
As former construction business owners, we understand the challenges you face in creating and executing a consistent and successful sales strategy. CRG’s business is providing sales and business development services for construction subcontractors. We partner with you to develop and execute a sales initiative that will drive the growth of your business in all seasons. As an extension of your organization, CRG will help your business flourish without the upfront costs associated with traditional in-house sales personnel and management.


Don’t let November signal the start of depleting profits. Call CRG to discuss how our sales and business development services can help you achieve your sales objectives all year long.


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