Pain Points in the Construction Sales Process

Pain Points in the Construction Sales Process


Businesses generally strive to do two primary things: increase sales and cut costs. By increasing market share and sales, business development professionals help solve a client’s revenue pain point. However, the sales process itself can be riddled with challenges. The key to sales success is identifying those pain points and finding solutions.

Finding the Pain

While it may be tempting to gloss over potential problems in an effort to gain new business, identifying pain points will help avoid larger ones in the future. Here are some examples of pain points in the sales process.

Pain points in the sales process

  • Lead Generation Pain Point: Finding new leads can be an unpredictable process. To avoid this, some businesses focus on current clients until the well runs dry. Some prefer to spend time doing business rather than finding new business. At CRG, we help clients alleviate this pain point by developing and nurturing each viable lead. Using key metrics, we can optimize opportunities and turn them into sales.
  • Qualifying Pain Point: Qualifying prospects and identifying where, how, and why your services closely match the requirements of the client is a foundational step in the sales process. Working with the client to develop a clear understanding of their needs is an important step in building the relationship. It is essential to gain a deep knowledge of their company and recognize their pain points. Managing client expectations now will smooth the way during the proposal process.
  • Proposals Pain Point: Proposals can be an unwieldy project because of deadlines and the number of people involved. Submitting a proposal is only the first step in securing a job for most construction companies. The difference between a project’s success and its failure is in the details. For proposal writing, the same applies. Identifying and addressing your client’s pain points within the proposal will show an understanding of their needs and help set it apart from the pack.
  • Closing the Sale Pain Point: All of the work done leads up to this moment and it is a delicate process to complete. Clients are sometimes anxious about giving the final go-ahead, and a “final decision” may take longer than expected. Here it is crucial for business development professionals to demonstrate that they have a well-thought out solution. If the client is hesitant, perhaps they have more pain points you have not addressed. Now is the time to discover them and solve for those.

Everybody has pain points. We can all agree that pain points are hot buttons for improvement. Essential keys to success are an organized, efficient process, with clear communication among your team and the potential client. At CRG, we consult with clients during the entire course of the sales process, taking the pain out of it. See our services here.

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